12-00602 Tripconnect Unit for Refrigeration

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There are many instances in areas where the quality of supply is unpredictable. Even when UPS equipment is installed, power protection devices used at home, office and work-place such as surge suppressors and stabilizers provide protection against power spikes that happens in milliseconds, mainly caused by lightning.

The Tripconnect Unit prevents damage from power surges and dips (brownouts) caused by power shutdowns and over- and under-voltages from unstable power. The duration of these conditions is normally longer and can be especially damaging to air conditioners, electric motors, etc., running under load, and expensive electronic equipment. 

The Tripconnect Unit will simply remove power from the equipment in the event of over or under voltage conditions and automatically restore power when the supply falls below acceptable limits. Surge protection and status monitoring has been included.

The single phase unit is simply inserted between the wall socket and the equipment power plug. Zero voltage switch-on has been included for smooth operation