SOHO 480 W (600 VA) Back-up Power Kit

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This kit provides back-up power in case of load shedding. The SOHO unit charges the battery while Eskom power is available. When the power fails, the inverter swithes to the battery in 0,003 seconds. Appliances are plugged into the extended plug at the back of the unit and runs from the battery.

This kit have sufficient power to provide the following for 3 hours:

  • 1 x Medium television with DSTV OR
  • 1 x Laptop OR
  • 1 x Computer with screen and,
  • Cell phone Chargers,
  • Energy saver lights.


  • 1 x 12 V 480 W pure sinewave inverter with 20 Amp charger and automatic change-over switch,
  • 1 x 12 V 102 A/H maintenance free, lead calcium battery,
  • 1 x Cabling between unit and battery and
  • 1 x Extended plug.