5 kW Supplementary Grid-Tied Photo-Voltaic System

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This system is a domestic scale supplementary solar system which can be utilised with a rotary disc meter or a prepaid meter. The  DC power from the solar panels is converted to AC power for direct usage by your house. A Current Transformer is included that can prevent grid-feed, in the case of prepaid meters. The system has no back-up component and will only produce power while the sun is shining and the Eskom grid is available.


This system will produce on average 30 kWh per day. Assuming all this energy is consumed through the daytime or stored on the grid, this would equate a saving of approximately R 2 772.00 per month (base on a municipal tariff of R 3.08 / kWh, VAT incl.). This means a basic payback of 27 months based on a yearly Eskom increase of 10%. 


  • 12 x Canadian Solar 420 W Panels,
  • 1 x SMA Sunny Boy 5kW grid-tie inverter,
  • 12 x Mounting frame,
  • 100m Red PV Cable,
  • 100m Black PV Cable,
  • 1 x Protection Box.


  • Inverter - 5 years,
  • Solar Panels - 10 years plus a 25 year performance warranty,
  • Mounting Structure - 5 years.


Note: All prices are subject to change without notice. This system is designed for the specified inverter load only. Installation and installation material EXCLUDED, but can be provided on request.