Ecoboxx 160

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The Ecoboxx 160 is the all-in-one value kit for lights and multiple charging with a medium 12V Power and AC Invertor.

1 x 75W 230VAC Modified Sine Wave Built-in Invertor,
2 x 10W Solar Panel with stand,
2 x 3W Super Bright LED Lights with independent switches,
1 x 13A/h Lead Crystal Battery and

have a 1 year warranty.

It can charge:
a 3W LED Light for 24 hours or
a 5W Phone for 24 hours or
a 65W 19 Inch TV for 2 hours or
a 10W Tablet for 16 hours or
a 5W USB fan for 28 hours or
a 80W Camping Fridge for 105 hours.