Energizer Panel worklight - rechargeable torch

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The Panel Work Light has a variety of features that make this light very versatile. Its 2 adjustable panels provide 180° of lighting (each) and you can direct the light wherever you need.  In addition to that, both legs are adjustable so you can place it however you need and also hang it anywhere. This light is not only rechargeable but it also has a USB port out which can be used to charge other devices. 

This USB port feature may come in handy in emergency situations. No matter the activity, be it work, DIY project, outdoors or camping, the Panel Work Light is a great option for your lighting needs.

Mode light outputLight Output run timeRun
impact resistanceImpact Resistant water resistanceWater Resistant
High 1100 6 2 IPX4
Low 550 --- 2 IPX4